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I put mine under WRX and IIRC something along the line of fuel- lines,connectors,etc

Jon- tightening one may possibly cure the problem and worth a shot, but your dealing w/ tandem lines w/ clamps at each end- thus four to potentailly tighten. Unfortunately you can't get at these damn clamps and even when you can (after removing the turbo inlet pipe and unfortunately unless you take off the intake manifold the oem has to be hacked to get it out and aftermarket one used ie silicone) two are upside down (from the assembly no doubt) and still very difficult to tighten.

The other thing I noticed w/ the TSB is they are actually changing the configuration of the lines w/ longers sections of soft fuel line (vs hard lines). I don't know if this was simply more readily available or somehow contributes to the fix?

I still feel this is a potential safety issue. Even if you happened to know about the TSB and could get it fixed, there are a lot of folks oblivious to this potential problem- ie someone from the warmer climes who would may never get the fuel smell, but decides to visit Grandma up "north" and at the wrong time has fuel dribbling out onto a hot engine or other potential igniton.

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