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Originally Posted by Jon [in CT]
The better question is: "Why would I bother?" What prompts anyone to believe the TurboXS knock detection algorithm for a Subaru engine is any better than the one used by the stock ECU?
Why would I bother

Some situations you fail to consider

(1)Because early 04 STI's that Subaru "engineers" so wonderfully programmed had to be reflashed to stop the pinging. Engineers are never wrong

Since I own one of those early 04 STI's and had a knock link installed at 500 miles I could add toluene till the knocking stopped at the electronic level till the UTEC came out. Knock lite works the same.

(2) Since "non engineers" are now able to reflash the stock ECU and send it to all climates of the USA etc. Could it be possible that they screw up the programming as good as the factory engineers on the early 04's only now the knock is at the electronic level and as such the owner doesn't know his cars knocking. Blissful in the knowledge he got a wonderful reflashed EMS

(3) I have heard many stories of tuners who also set the knock count on the UTEC to over 30 so that the owner thinks he has a well tuned car but its knocking and the CEL light doesn't flash. With the Knocklite's user install friendly setup it gives the owner of a badly tuned UTEC an easy double check system and hense weed out the bad tuner who blames the UTEC for the customers blown motor.

(3) Since I'm one of only a few who have Knock Link, TurboXS protuner with knock sensor, UTEC and Knocklite in my car I can say that it works very nicely. I also have Delta Dash.

(4) I'm also one of the very few who have actually toured TurboXS engineering in Australia and have met first hand with the University trained electrical engineers they employ. It ain't no Ma and Pa outfit with over 25 employees there alone not like some EM companies here.
They have managed to attract people from other Australian EM companies which I not allowed to reveal. I'm guessing Motec and Autronic are on your sub par engineering list also.

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