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Exactly. I dont mean this FAQ to come off as me acting like Una doesnt know his stuff.

But people REALLY need to get over their mindset that just because he wrote a bunch of FAQs, that somehow this means that he knows everything. The fact that he took the time to make them, doesnt mean that ANYTHING in them is true or that he has any idea what he is talking about.
IThe reality is that other than some outdated info, they ARE true, and he DOES know his stuff. But the existance of the FAQs doesnt prove this. Its like Newbie or Guru status. It doesnt mean you actually know or dont know anything.

I could have a homeless guy that has never owned a car write a bunch of FAQs. Does that mean he knows what he is doing?

Ron knows his stuff, but so do MANY others, some know more, some know less. But he is far from the only game in town when it comes to knowledge. And like I said, I feel his FAQs end up going right over the head of many people. They are a LOT of info, and with us all being a bunch of ADD'd out nuts, it only makes sense to make a cliff notes sized FAQ that hits the key points hard and fast.

Just for anyone wondering where I am coming from as far as my qualifications
20+ years wrenching
@13 years doing it for a living
@10 years as a dealership tech
@1 year as a subaru dealership tech
6+ years building up and tuning Subbies on the side
Conceived in a 72 Mach 1
Grew up roaming around my parents friends garages (not house garage, I mean repair shop)
Obsessed with everything automotive since the day I learned read. Enough so that I had REALLY bad grades due to missing a lot of school to work on and race my cars, and when I WAS in school, I was reading books and magazines, while waiting for my Auto shop class. (I went to Vo-tech).
Spent 6 years in the Army reserves as a light wheeled vehicle mechanic (everything up to a 5 ton)

So I am not just some kid talking out my @. I dont know everything, far from it. But I like to think I have SOME idea what I am talking about.
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