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Originally Posted by Imprezd 1 View Post
The wife and I went looking at a car yesterday with that only in mind, LOOKING. We wanted to see the inside and see how a car seat would fit. The salesman came out asked if we needed help, I told him we only wanted to look at the interior of the car because we were going to purchase in the next couple months.

Everything was fine asked us if we wanted to go inside to get some info on that model... we ended up in there for almost 1 hour because he wanted to try so hard to sell us a car that very day. I kept telling him I was not looking to buy today as I told him when I asked to see the interior. He brings out the manager, I tell him the same thing. I felt like I was trying to be forced to buy a car.

Was there something else I should have said? Or were they just being pushy? I thought I made it clear that I only wanted to see the inside of a car so we could be sure this was one of the cars we were thinking of.
I was going to say I probably would have told them that the pushier they got with forcing the sale, the more they'll help me remember not to come back to that dealership. BUT, based on the fact that dealerships have high turnover, there's a good chance the guy trying to sell you the car won't be there in a few months. Thus, he doesn't really lose anything by trying to push the car on you that day.
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