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Originally Posted by bdubblu View Post
Iíd submit that if you build a torque-y car, you donít need all the hp. You can do a fast spoiling turbo (meaning smaller) with methanol or flex fuel, run a 4.44 transmission, and itíll be a twisters machine at 325-350 hp.
^right here. First comment on point.

Everybody is jumping this guys bones about 'going fast' oh my lord, your crazy, you don't know how to drive, etc.

He just didn't phrase his question right.
I happen to totally agree with him, and bdubblu.
I've seriously considered doing a turbo swap for a SMALLER one, because I don't use the top end of the powerband anyway and I don't want to cruise around back roads screaming 4-5k rpm's just to keep the boost and powerband up.
It sounds like he has the same issue. Driving on back roads is no fun if you have to scream the motor endlessly to keep it's power up.

So OP, as crazy as this sounds, if you really want to build to suit that purpose do a build that can handle low end torque and dial in a turbo that will provide that also. Don't even discuss HP because HP is simply a function of torque (the thing that matters) and rpm. So high HP means squat unless you are circle track racing. You want the torque.
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