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I got an alignment this week and during the alignment it was noted that one of my calipers was leaking fluid. I decided to go with remanufactured calipers, new rotors, and StopTech Street pads. I also picked up a vacuum bleeder to bleed the fluid after.

Old vs. New

Old pads had plenty of meat left but were developing a lot of cracks.

The leaking caliper.

Old rotor.

StopTech pads.

New caliper.

New rotor.

The removal and install went off without any problems. All bolts broke free without any issues. I put it all back together and went to use the vacuum bleeder. I started on the first one and it was pulling a small amount of fluid but 90% air. This went on for half an hour or so while I hoped it would get better. I was poking around trying to find a leak somewhere in the system but I couldn't find anything.

Then I looked online and found other people have had similar issues if the bleed fittings leaks around the threads when loosened. This is exactly what was happening to me. It was just pulling in tons of air right at the fitting even thought fluid was filling the lines all the way back to the caliper.

I'm not really sure how to prevent this. Maybe thread sealant on the bleeder fitting? I ended up enlisting my wife to push on the brake pedal and did it the old fashioned way. That worked without any problems because it pushes air out via positive pressure instead of pulling it out through the fitting.

I have had ongoing issues with the coolant overflow reservoir overflowing on high speed pulls. It wasn't a lot, so I don't think my heads are lifting, but it was enough to be noticeable. It was using the small coolant reservoir that comes with the eBay FMIC kits. It is a small cylinder.

The Treadstone FMIC kit comes with a larger, rectangular overflow so I got that out and mounted it next to my slim battery. I dumped the nearly full cylindrical overflow into the new one and it barely filled it (maybe 1/2" - 1" from the bottom. I measured the dimensions and the cylinder has about 25 in^3 of volume and the new one is around 72 in^3. So I should have a lot more room for expanding coolant. I will see if it helps...

Coolant overflow.

After I got that buttoned up I went and did half a dozen 50-5mph hard stops and then some more driving to cool it down and a couple 3rd gear brake boosts. The brakes seem to be working fine (the other ones seemed to be working fine too, but I believe they could have failed eventually due to the leak).
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