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Default blurred's 2006 STI, gtx2867r/vband, street car

About a month ago I had the car tuned (I posted in the power section but forgot to update this thread... )

I ended up with 365whp at 7000rpm and 300wtq, flat from 3800-6200rpm. The goal/hope was to keep 300wtq to 7000 but this wasn't possible with the setup unfortunately, we dropped about 20wtq from 6200-7000. This is perfectly acceptable as it is almost impossible to notice while driving.


This being a dynapack it doesn't show "spool" like an inertia dyno (unless you run a ridiculous ramp time) so this actually is similar to a 1st gear roll from idle. On the street when actually moving I have full torque by 3000-3200rpm. This is all kind of meaningless though, because it is so responsive that at partial throttle I am still making boost and it is basically impossible to be under 3000rpm. In actual driving, the second I hit the throttle I have full boost and because torque is flat almost to redline, there is no let up in power until I shift.

Some comparisons to my previous stg2 setup? I have more power off boost (less restriction with a freer flowing turbo). I have a more linear increase of power from vacuum to full boost, meaning I am making more actual power increases starting from 1-5psi where on the vf39 it felt more like you were either in vacuum or full throttle, full boost and not much in between. Between gears boost recovery is much better, there is less of the rubber band feeling. I can shift "slowly" and instantly be back at full boost in a WOT situation, where with the vf39 it always felt like it had to take a breather between gears if you didn't shift like a dsg.

Other than that, powerband is HUGE, I can't say enough good things about it. Having that rush to redline in every gear is something special. I absolutely hated having torque falling so much on the stock turbo, that feeling in 4th gear that you were making 100hp at 6000rpm... so glad that's gone now!

Next steps? Well first of all, it will be to change the exhaust out. Currently I am running a 3.5" downpipe and the wastegate is plumbed back in (at a very low angle merge) just before it necks down to my 3" MadDad dp/Whisper catback section. The main reason that torque is falling slightly is that we are starting to choke the turbine a bit. There are a few ways to solve this; cams, cam gears, higher compression ratio, reducing exhaust energy, larger turbine, larger turbine housing, reducing exhaust restriction... Well the obvious (read:cost effective) route is opening up the exhaust, so I will have a 3.5" built and use a Varex muffler so that I will have the ability to keep the noise down when trying to avoid unwanted attention.

Some additional notes: Oil and coolant temps are rock solid and "low", they don't spike at all. Some of this is due to using a fresh AC condenser and using a TMIC, my new Koyo rad is getting as much fresh air as possible, I haven't seen coolant temps over 193f and no oil temps over 95c. After numerous dyno pulls and plenty of "fun" driving they don't spike at all. IATs are basically ambient, I have only watched them on one drive to be honest, but 12c outside temp I was seeing IATs from 11-15c (measured post intercooler) before, during, and after a couple of 2 gear pulls on the hwy, so at this power level, no need for concern of the TMIC, however next summer I will be taking more notice.

Here are a couple of driving videos, one of just a quick 1st through 4th:

This video I wanted to try to show how responsive this is from a worst case scenario. This video I am rolling along in 1st gear, foot completely off throttle, at idle speed. I go WOT and go first through 4th and 60mph comes up right around 5sec. I would actually like to compare this to any other setups so if you have a similar video, or could make one I would like to see it (showing speed/boost/rpm)
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