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So the next logical question that one should ask is "Why the hell should I care about a weird CNG capable giant HD truck?"

Well, here's your answer:

Prices on the map are per GGE of CNG at public fueling stations. Yes, Virginia, that's between 1/3 to 2/3rd of the price of gasoline.

What's more, fleets and even homeowners can fuel up at home (see post #18 in this thread), electric car-style. This home-refueling option makes it attractive to people like me looking for a hypothetical bugout vehicle, too: Free from the gasoline grid if the NG is flowing, and can run on gasoline if it's not available.

If you still need more convincing, then deathinacan provides this list of benefits:

advantages -

- domestically produced fuel supply
- 100+ years of domestic supplies (of known shale gas deposits)
- alternate natural gas fuel sources are 'replenishable' ie: methane farms, garbage dumps, septic systems with high methane, etc.
- besides high pressure delivery lines and storage cylinders, a conversion requires very little modification to the OEM components of conventional vehicles.
- reduced greenhouse gas emissions
- very little change to range, performance ( on newer vehicle conversions )
My opinion is that for high-mileage fleet vehicles this is a no-brainer if there's public CNG fueling in the area and the payload restrictions aren't too onerous for the given application.
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