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Originally Posted by daveyboy
People worry waaaaayyyyy too much about GVWR from a realistic standpoint.

My family is/was in logging/ranching/construction and I have seen pickups "overloaded" on a constant basis and the vehicles easily lasting 100K miles with no major problems.

Just make sure it has proper tires (that should be your primary concern) and some airbags/timbrens if you are really gonna work it. Oh, and remember you are driving a pickup, not a sports car.

I wouldn't hesitate to throw a ton of weight (literally) in this pickup....
Originally Posted by shikataganai
Exceeding GVWR probably would work out 99% of the time, sure, but if you get pulled over by a knowledgable cop or, worse, get in an accident and your insurance company discovers out you (and your vehicle, too! <cue rimshot>) were overweight then it could be much worse, no?
So my curiosity was piqued by daveyboy's claims, and I will partially concede the point: Apparently it's only in a limited number of states and provinces that exceeding GVWR is illegal. BC is one such province.

Exceeding the Federal bridge weight axle limits (20k for single axle, so high enough to not be relevant to pickups of any kind) or exceeding the tires' ratings, the FGAWR, or the RGAWR is a bigger deal that does seem to be illegal in most states. If you stick to your tires' load rating and make sure you're not overweight at each axle you should be good... at least until you get slapped with a civil suit, where all bets are off.

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