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Building a motor is pretty easy imo as long as you take your time and make sure you do everything right. But for your first build doing it by yourself it is a possibility that you make a silly mistake that causes you to have to do the whole thing over again.

I have 1 question about you saying you need a new block. Did you damage your current block? If you have damaged cylinders you can have the block sleeved (which is something you'd do for a high power engine anyway).

As far as your build you'll basically need:
-block (and preferably have it either close decked or sleeved)
-pistons (you have to decide between forged and cast. Forged are stronger but have to fit looser in the cylinder due to higher expansion and this causes faster wear and extra noise when cold. Cast are better for a sub 400hp motor that you want as a daily driver, they have better weat characteristics and less heat expansion but are not as strong for handling high boost.
What I would personally do with your particular motor is get forged but have the crowns swain TBC coated which in theory would reduce heat expansion, and have the skirts coated with their low friction coating which is supposed to actually thicken a piston wall and/or just run a slightly tighter cylinder than you normally would with a forged piston. But keep in mind that is something I WOULD do, not something I HAVE done. )
-rod bearings
-main bearings
-wrist pins (probably included with your pistons)
-crankshaft (any good crank should be ok but may as well go forged)
- rods (get some forged ones, they're not that expensive)

Another thing to consider is compression ratio which will dictate the piston dish cc and/or rod length you choose (+1mm rods are available and are an easy way to bump up compression a full point). Also keep compression ratio in mind when choosing your head gasket thickness as there are a few different options that will fit EJ motors.
-oil pan (probably want an sti pan to clear fancy headers)
-have everything balanced (or do like me and use a dremel and digital scale)
And that's pretty much it as far as short block. Or you could just buy a build short block (preferably sleeved or closed decked) and save youself a lot of stress lol!
But if you want to learn and have the time to research every step then go for it. It's not rocket science, just take your time.
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