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Originally Posted by rexblake View Post
You don't buy these cars if your worried about spending money on gas. I was getting about 16mpg on E85 with my WRX in mixed driving. Slightly higher running 91. The worse I ever got was 4mpg while canyon carving. You can switch maps to be more economical, but it's not going to be a huge improvement. The best way to save gas is to stay out of boost.
I hear you for sure, and I've already made up my mind about the STi. It's just, I'd like to know what kinda gas mileage I'm looking at with a modded engine. My first goal is to go COBB Stage 2. Hopefully that doesn't destroy the gas mileage. Then from there just do more and more stuff over time.

The STi will be my play car, but it'll also be my daily driver. So, I gotta kinda keep gas in mind a little bit.

On a DD basis though, staying out of boost wont be a problem. I'll drive like a grandma going to and from work/school/store. I mean, granted, I'll punch probably at least once a day, but I'm usually really good about that sorta thing.
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