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Originally Posted by Vader View Post
Saw this idea on Facebook, so I dusted off my username and thought V should post this...

A lot of FA20's are dying under mysterious circumstances on dynos across the country and a list would be very useful to try and determine what is at fault or at least find some pattern.

Post up Modifications, i.e. engine management, modifications, fuel, circumstances and what actually failed in the motor. Try to keep it short and concise as possible, this is meant to be a list not a novel.

If you got logs post'em too.

Post the tuners name?... Well that's your decision, but I don't think it's necessary to do so.

Here is the template:







Actual engine failure:

I'll go first and post about my stock 15 WRX

Model/Year: 2015 WRX

Milage: 10k miles

EM: Cobb AP stage 1 OTS

Mods: Stock

Fuel: 91 octane

Circumstances: On dyno about to get a stage 1 protune, tuner was getting a baseline did 3 pulls then said something didn't feel right, power dropped off on third pull, no knock events. At idle cylinder 3 was rough, at 2000 rpm cylinder 3 was very rough and the exhaust smelled like rotten eggs.

Actual engine failure: Cylinder 3 ring land failure, catalytic converter clogged or turned.
So you are telling me you blew a motor on a stage 1 tune? and had ringland failure on a FA... Welp... Guess trading the subi in for a evo. Sad to see engines go on stage 1 tunes LOL.
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