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Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
Keep in mind the RA and 2019+ STi has a different SB assembly compared to your 2017. I know it's too early to give any conclusive 'result' but I don't believe there have been any ringland issues with the new part numbers used.

The RA and 2019+ also has a different knock sensor and knock detection strategy. Comparing stage 1 2017 vs stage 1 2019 (same as 2018 RA) you do see the newer engine making more power too. There are just a lot of little changes that were made for the RA and 2019 that I think add up to a bit better reliability and power. Take it for what it's worth; my speculation based on observations and no long term data. Conversely, the RA and 2019 STi seem to be running out of fuel sooner. So you can't make as much power once you start down the mod list with stock fueling. Difference aren't huge, but they are there.
That's interesting for sure. I sure hope stock cars can be more reliable than mine and many others were. Not trying to deter the OP from enjoying his car at all, just wanted to share my experience as my goals with my car were basically the same.

Originally Posted by ayau View Post
Were you completely stock or tuned?
Not completely stock, just lightly modded for reliability. Or so I thought. AOS, stumble fix, downpipe with an e-tune from Torqued Performance. Car isn't my DD so very low mileage, and not abused. Rarely even took it out of "i" mode, which on my tune, was just wastegate boost. Ran Motul 5W-40 since the first oil change and changed every 3,000 miles. Basically I took every precaution I knew to keep it reliable. Failure became evident after running errands all afternoon under just normal driving conditions. No crazy pulls or launches or anything.

Sorry, OP, didn't mean to hijack your thread. Congrats on the car! It's beautiful and I hope you enjoy it for years to come.
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