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Default Dismantling the STi

After a full racing season with the STi, it's finally time. I feel like I've just given this car its make-a-wish dream where it got to pretend to be a race car despite its stage 4 cancer. RIP little STi and thanks for all the laughs.

Let's get started by ripping the motor out. I'll be pulling the motor out on its own so that I can work on rebuilding it over the winter. It looked like it was burning a little coolant and is due up for a headgasket job anyways.

Removing the engine was a PITA. The bolts holding the downpipe on were all seized and many had to be cut. And the external wastegate blocks my access to the bellhousing bolts. I'd have taken the wastegate off but those bolts were, of course, also seized. Eventually by crawling on top of the engine and using my smallest 14mm wrench by hand, I was able to get all of the bolts. After some violence in separating the engine and trans, I declared victory.

The engine is disgusting. Corrosion everywhere, cracked pipes, worn tubing. It's amazing that this car felt as fast as it did because there were so many exhaust and boost leaks. I'll clean it up and rebuild it to the best of my abilities. Hopefully there are no surprises waiting for me inside..

Next up is the trans and front suspension. It was pretty straightforward except for the rust. Some violence was needed here, too. Note I was unable to separate the U frame and the subframe because... rust. Looks like I'll be using that 2.5rs subframe after all.

I got to take a look at the clutch. It would seem that 40ish 1st gear full throttle launches where I let the clutch rub for a while were not good for the clutch. Who would have guessed?!

Also discovered the car has a titanium exhaust. Neat! Someone cared about this car at some point. Will have to get that hole welded up.

And here we have the reason for the body swap in the first place. Finally with all of the panels removed, I can finally see that my hunch was correct about this STi's body being DONE. I am amazed that it was still as stiff as it was. I never would have guessed it was this bad by how the STi felt to drive.

As horrible as the rust is, I guess it's nice to know I'm doing the right thing. Someone talented with a welder and a whole lotta time on their hands might be able to save this STi. But that's not me.
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