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Post Kenwood X615 review and Eclipse questions

I installed the Excelon head unit yesterday.

The good:
1) Good looking unit. Very nice when lit.
2) The Excelon integrated EQ/crossover. Wow. That's really cool. I see why people are so into it.
3) Sound quality of internal amp. Not that powerful, but much cleaner. I bet this has to do with #2.

The bad:
1) Mounting depth. I tried mounting it in the top DIN, but using stock brackets, it was deep in there. Unfortunately, due to the widened faceplate (which gets even wider with the motorized D-MASK+) the plastic doesn't fit. Sonova. So I bottom mounted it, and while it's deep in there, I can reach it okay.
2) Fold-down face. I guess my old easy-insert RF spoiled me.
3) Only 2 preouts. Man!
4) Tiny buttons and lots of functions mean it's hard to mess with.

So I went to the local car audio place. Chewed the fat a bit with the workers there, talked some about my car (I even got a "nice Subaru" from a customer...recognition at last!) and eventually got a price on an Eclipse unit.

Apparently, in 2001, they've discontinued the 5441i and 5442i. But the 54410 is still around, and it has 3 outputs and changer control.

It's $300. They knocked $70 off the price without my even asking. No clue about install prices, since they have to do it, but I don't think they'd shaft me too bad.

I'm really close to buying it and returning the X615, which I like except for the mounting depth, which, along with the tiny buttons, is killing me.

To those of you who stock the Eclipse line: is that a good deal for that unit?

It's pretty plain, but having that security is a good thing on a college campus, which is where I'll be at next year. It's definitely worth $300 to me in peace-of-mind. But I want to know if I have any bargaining room in case they tack on any additional charges.
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