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2004 Impreza WRX

Default 2004 WRX build thread - widebody bagged and yellow

How's it going everyone,

Whenever you go online now, bloody and broken from that bolt that just won't come out, looking for some inspiration from a poor soul who has suffered the same as you, all of the forum posts are getting to be 10+ years old full of dead photo links,

And well.. that just makes me sad as I love a good build thread to scroll through,

So rather than being sad about it, I figure why not start my own!

I've never done this before so will need to figure out hosting photos,

I figure I'll introduce the car in this post, and then trawl through old photos of messages sent to friends etc.. to put together threads of all of the poor (amazing) decisions I have made and will continue to..

SO! The car. It's a 2004 UK WRX, when I bought it a few years ago, it was o2c blue, and totally standard apart from a disgusting classic-style sti spoiler, an asbo exhaust and questionably dark tints.

It had also been in a few battles with shopping trolleys, the front and rear bumpers were 90% touch up paint, smashed fog light, and a few other bits that needed tlc.

First things first was to clean it up, and get it ready for a few more years on the road, cambelt was done, fluids, broken bits changed etc..

Then it was onto the first mods, and straight away to the first mistake.. doing 18" wheels before suspension, and putting replica wheels on (not proud of it but I'm past that now)
Learn from my mistakes, you can get real wheels cheaply, and always do suspension before doing a larger wheel size


Nevertheless, coilovers shortly followed, BC racing BR coilovers were fitted, nearly all of the bolts were seized and the rears had to be cut off, if you find yourself in this situation, ICP carries brand new bolts that you can replace them with

At the same time, I took my headlights apart, detangoed and sprayed the bezels satin black. I did it all with a heatgun and not an oven, so you don't need to p**s your wives off baking your headlights in the oven if needed ***55358;***56611;

Much better.

Next up was to address the rear spoiler, so a blast over the peak District up to a fellow enthusiast acquired a newage style wing, over the weeks I also fettled with the suspension to get it sitting a bit lower

Around this time I started to get into photography, here is my first attempt at a light painting

Next up was a roof rack so I could get my bicycles around, this involved a lot of trial and error to get a rack that I liked the look of, the OEM Subaru one sits around 6ft off the top of the roof and leaves permanent hooks exposed so that wouldn't do, and I initially didn't like the idea of the Thule solution that hooks onto the plastic trim above the windows,

I therefore used shorter bars than should be used on an Impreza, took some BMW 'uprights' mangled them with an angle grinder, made some steel inserts put it all together, and had a nice neat roof rack solution, I also added a spoiler to the front of it, partially for looks, but it also makes a remarkable difference to wind noise, howling at 30mph turns to silence at 80mph

Snowy skids and bike rides always a lot of fun

Next up a vltd style lip was added for the lows, and a bride fixed back bucket seat added, the standard WRX seats made my back hurt almost instantly, the bucket supports me perfectly, my longest non stop trip so far of 6 hours to Scotland presented no back fatigue, so great success there.

Then, it was time for one of my favourite changes yet. To be wrapped yellow, I did this myself, it was my first exposure to vinyl wrap, and was done in evenings and weekends after work on the drive, super pleased with how it came out

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