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Default M-Sports Front bumper

Next up on the list was a new front bumper,
I didn't have any real plans to do a bumper, but this m-sports popped up for a price too good to say no to, and it has always been my favourite bumper.

There's a reason it was cheap though. It was trashed. Full of cracks and holes drilled everywhere, it had been scraped along just about every kerb in england (and possibly japan too) and when it was put on the final car it was fitted to before mine, the previous owner brush painted it in what i can only assume to be black fencing paint!

But that wasn't going to stop me.

First order of business was to seperate the lip from the bumper so I could get into the nooks and crannies to do a proper job.

Then the painstaking process of sanding it down, the little garage my friend graciously lets me use has no power, water or heating, so all processes are hand done, and sanding through this extremely thick durable coat of black paint by hand took forever! ( I have recently purchased an orbital sander and used it on a project that you'll read about soon, what an absolute life saver )

Once it was back to gelcoat, it was time to repair all of the physical damage, and then remove some more material in preparation for the impending front mount intercooler...

A lick of primer to bring everything back to uniform colour and a test fit to the car was in order.
Around this time, whilst on a journey to the shops, an unplanned meeting with a local deer damaged my bonnet and obliterated my oem grille, and so feeling sorry for myself I started looking at options. I've never personally been a fan of any car de-badged, so I was all for getting another oem one, but then I came across a brand new orciari for the right price so had to have it.

As we all know, aftermarket + oem never fits right, so aftermarket+aftermarket you have no chance, so while the bumper was flexed to its final shape was the perfect time to start test fitting the new grille (I might make another post dedicated to the grille as I put my own flare on it too)

I wasnt happy with the slight recession of the bumper under the headlights at the corner, I'm not sure if all M-sports fit up, or the hard life this one has had has caused fitment issues, or the fact it was attaching to varis fibreglass wings (see aftermarket+aftermarket) but it wouldn't do, so I taped the headlights up, and used fibreglass filler followed by regular body filler to build up those extra coulple mm and get the fit spot on.

Enjoy a pikachu face on my bonnet, not sure if i mentioned earlier, but while i am catching up with everything a lot of these photos are being pulled from chats with friends..

Once it all fit up right, it was time to wrap it, put the lip back on and enjoy it!
I used push button fasteners on the sides and retained just 2 of the oem trim clips under the bonnet, so the bumper is held on with a total of 4 fasteners,

The grille is also permanently attached to the bumper and does not fix directly to the car,

As a result removal takes only around 30 seconds, which is sooo handy.

When on the bumper braces against a lot of contact points such as the top brace for my front mount and has been sturdy for the last 9 months of abuse

Love how it came out, and extra bonus of satisfaction saving something like this from being junked,

As a side note, just becuase it shocked me, fibreglass bumpers represent a massive weight saving compared to the oem urethane and they are at the extremes of the car to make the effect even greater, defninitely something worth considering for anyone looking to drop a few pounds!
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