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Originally Posted by orndog View Post
Why did you have your fluid changed? I don't think I buy the "for life" fluid life they advertise, but 10k miles? Did it help your shift delay any?
Originally Posted by aeoporta View Post
he is probably as nutty as I am.
On auto transmissions I change fluid every 15k which is about a year and change
On MTL I do first change at 4k, then change every 10 to 15k after that.

Just my own personal preference.
I had it changed for the same reason others (including myself) changed their engine oil and differential fluid with under 2,000 miles: to get rid of the gunky factory fill. Since I did the oil and diff, I wasn't going to ignore the transmission. It was a good thing too 'cause the service tech showed me the fluid strainer and it had A LOT of metal shavings in it. He suggested I needed another strainer but I told him to at least try to wash that $hit out in the parts washer first and fortunately it came out fine.

To answer your question orndog, it didn't help with the shift delay but the drive felt noticeably smoother. No fluid is "for life" and to all the CVT owners, I STRONGLY recommend having the CVT fluid changed at some point in time and not just "inspect" as the service manual shows to do every 30K.

aeoporta, I think I'm a little nuttier. I used to drain/fill my Civic AT tranny fluid every 10K miles. $25 every 10K for 3 qts of Honda ATF-Z1 was just like an oil change. I didn't have too much confidence in Honda transmissions since my '02 Odyssey tranny had to be replaced after only 3 years in '05.
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