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Originally Posted by 95 Legacy awd wagon View Post
Hi All, I am a Subaru lover, former Subaru financial rep. type at a bank, and STILL love my 1995 Legacy L wagon awd 2.2L automatic with now 317,000 miles in USA. ABS sensor on my rear driver side went bad with corrosion over time, then finally just replaced as Cable itself snapped. Dealer having trouble getting new sensor to sit right, and while it seemed fixed for first 25 miles leaving dealer (speeds up to 50-60mph, varied town/hiway) ABS light came on again at almost exactly the 25miles from dealer mark at about 50mph. I find it hard to believe these sensors are SO sensitive to infinitesimal seating tolerances? A) I guess dealer has to file away more corrosion and rust under where abs sensor sits on the wheel knuckle? B) is it normal for some other part of AbS to take awhile to boot back up if car had bad sensor and light on for over six months? C) Oddly, the next day (yesterday), the light stayed out for about 2 or 3 miles, then came on. Then other times it stayed off when vehicle started, (indicating no OHMS problem, in a new sensor, so ok), but came on almost immediately when car moved forward like 20'. D) i did feel some odd sensations/vibration when braking and pedal seemed to go down farther than normal (pads and rotors just changed, fluid is 99% level) and I guess that is somehow the abs solenoids running a purge or fill-up / test "get ready" cycle? Nota Bene: I had not heard this funny sound the Whole time the AbS light was on for 6 months with bad sensor, so part if me happy to hear it again!?) E) BiG Question: i care less about abs brakes than about my AWD, and is it true that the entire AWDrive is not NOT not active when abs light on??? I have had many nonABS cars, and drive 2 nonABS motorcycles now, so "no ABS" doesnt bug me much, and many of YouAll say it's bad on early '95 era Subarus, BUT But but.... drumroll ... does that darn ABS light on dash ON mean I do NOT have all wheel drive active if I need to park in or get out of an snowy/icy parking spot, say, at a ski slope lot, mountain road, etc. ??? ANY comments appreciated. I will flow them back to Subaru dealer now, as I'm taking her back to see if they can seat that Sensor driver/rear!!! !!! Thanks for any help/comments. --- Bo.
Odds are your backing plates have rust, with creeping rust at some of the welds and the backing plate is increasing the air gap between the sensor and reluctor ring. IIRC the air gap is 2mm +/- 0.5 mm. Seen it many times - only fix is replace backing plate and remedy any rust on the knuckle flange.
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