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Originally Posted by CLL_OBP View Post
No CEL? Maybe the coolant temperature sensor has gone bad. There's a way to test it with a multimeter and dipping it in hot/cold water. My oil level sensor has been acting crazy for years. The light will come on and the dipstick shows it's full.

It seems to be fine any time except sometimes on cool-but-not-cold nights when I use the block heater. Somewhere above freezing and below 50f is when it seems to happen. I swear I read a post here or another forum for another subaru model that this is a known (but uncommon) problem when using the block heater. Something about one temperature sensor disagreeing with another, and the car thinks a sensor has gone bad when it hasn't. Never seen a CEL. Sometimes it even requires an ECU reset no matter how long I let the car sit though, it's very weird. Sometimes just letting it sit for a few hours or overnight makes the "semi-limp" mode go away.

Edit - I found a new OBDII scanner app on my phone, ActiveOBD disabled support for all but a few OBDII devices and my cheap ELM327 never connected again, but the new app shows there is indeed an archived DTC. It sounds like this DTC goes off when the car is sitting for a certain amount of time and the coolant sensor is a certain amount off of the IAT sensor when the car is started https://www.carbon-cleaning-europe.c...s/p0116-subaru

I get the intended point, but did they not think for a second about the engine block heater when they were coming up with that DTC?
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