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So after getting my car corner balanced a couple months ago and realizing it weighs close to 3300 lbs, I knew some weight reduction was in order. The car is still a street car so obviously I'm a bit limited in what I'm willing to do, but that might change before next season

For now, I'm just going through the car when I have spare time and removing things I don't need or use. This past week I removed all of the stock seatbelts, the latch system, and the windshield washer tank. Since I don't use the i/c sprayer, I connected that hose to spray the windshield. I haven't weighed everything but I'd say I removed at least 30 lbs. total. I also moved the catch can over to where the washer bottle was to clean up the engine bay a bit.

In addition, I have melted through the rubber hose that goes from my BCS to the wastegate 2 or 3 times now. I got fed up with it and decided to replace it with a braided stainless line. I also began gathering the parts to replace my AVCS line with braided stainless. Here are some pics:

Lots of seatbelt stuff:

Updated engine bay:

Catch can closeup with the bracket I threw together:

Line going from BCS to wastegate. It's a short rubber hose going to the BCS, which is connected to the SS line going to the wastegate:

Still looking for more ways to reduce weight, I'll eventually go all out and remove the a/c, sound deadening, etc. but for now it's just little stuff.
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