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Default News & Rumors Forum Rules And Regulations *Read!!!*

This has been created so that there are absolutely NO EXCUSES to any type of misbehavior and address what is expected of you in this forum.
  • Stupidity NOT ACCEPTED. Anyone who posts a thread not pertaining to News or Rumors gets an automatic TO or BYE-BYE.
  • Anything automotive news related coinciding with politics are prohibited. There is the Political Playground forum for this. Also, any political comments are strictly prohibited.
  • Absolutely under no circumstances are there to be any type of profanity, insults, offenses, flaming or any kind of disrespect towards other members, mods, etc. Members opinionating other mods distasteful behavior towards them in N&R are given points. You are to be respected and respect others as well. In the N&R, there is a "No Tolerance" rule and you don't get a warning, you get points!
  • If a thread does not have a source link, it gets shut down! There is no "My source told me........" accepted. You can have the option of putting it in The "My Dealership Told Me" Thread ONLY if it's Subaru related. If it's in the NN&R, it will get locked or deleted.
  • You address people with respect or don't address them at all. THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE - WHETHER THEY DESERVE IT OR NOT!!!
  • Before you post a new thread, make sure there isn't an existing thread related to your "new" topic. You can click the "Search this Forum" button on the upper right of the thread list to verify. If you don't visit the N&R forum often, chances are the topic you're about to create a thread for already exists. If you mention you searched and didn't find anything (this seems to be everyone's excuse) and a thread exist, you will get a warning. Next violation will get you points. In addition, the natives will shred you to pieces! - Don't clutter the forum with redundancy!!!
  • Any questions you may have pertaining to a thread, post, member, etc., feel free to contact the mods of THIS FORUM or Nick.
Thank you for your understanding and efforts in keeping this forum enjoyable.

Have a great day!
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