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Originally Posted by venoza View Post
So I rode a bad bearing for easily 4k+ miles across the country. went to replace it when i got home and seals where shot, one ball was missing, it was bad. I removed the entire knuckle to try and press the bearing casing out
but it didnít budge. the adapters we were using to press it out actually warped and broke. like 4 of them, then our press blew a seal. anyways i decided to scrap it and am now looking for a loaded knuckle.

through opposedforces(the website) i found the part number for the knuckle and was able to find a knuckle but itís without i also found that foresters have the same knuckle.

I couldnít find a loaded knuckle for my impreza but i found one for a forester that has the same knuckle.

all the websites state it doesnít fit my model but i donít see what can be so different if the knuckle is the same?
dust cover maybe?
any help is appreciated!
I'm guessing you guys were using a mechanical driven press from harbor freight...they don't last but you should have been able to push a bearing out. I'd start searching the local junkyard in your area so you can visually inspect with your knuckle side by side. Subaru WRX rear wheel bearings can be a PITA!!
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