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Originally Posted by WRXnick16 View Post

"Port runner injectors" are what the EJ257 has. They wash the back of the intake valves in the same fashion. Dual injection is direct + port injection.

You'll still have some build-up on valves regardless of the type of fuel injector is used. You'll have minimal build-up as long as you have port injection (alone or dual injection).

Does your Subaru master tech have any pictures of 'gunky' valves from the BRZ's FA20D with D-4S dual injection? Hint: Carbon build-up isn't a problem for the BRZ.
Can he elaborate on the reliability and durability issues specific to DI? Carbon build-up is a maintenance item..

The GTR doesn't have direct injection because it was released in 2008 and has a 10+ year old engine. I'm sure it will have DI if and when they redesign the engine. Every modern engine is moving to DI.

Care to share some pictures of the disassembled "FAST ASF" Porsche DI engines?
I know that the EJ257 has port injection and not direct injection....that is why i am saying it's better for the valves. Look at the valvetrain reliability of any DI car nowadays, they are not too good.

DI was out before 2008 when the GTR was out....why didn't Nissan take on this technology back then while DI was still somewhat popular? The Z is in the same boat...why didn't it take on DI. DI is great for fuel economy and efficiency yes I get that....but in terms of creating more issue inside the motor, DI is notorious for making a mess of the valves, intake runners, throttle bodies, etc... Next time I am at my cousins dealership, and another FA is apart, I will gladly take a picture.

Google is your friend:

Again, DI has it's advantages of making power, and fuel economy. In terms of higher chance of issues related to carbon buildup, yeah you bet your @$$ it will!

Mark my words, there will be a section on NASIOC for the future STI model called "Carbon Build-up Issue(s)" when the new car comes out.
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