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Originally Posted by Notbrick View Post
Battle between Hamilton and Verstappen was excellent, other than that, there was not much to the race in my opinion.

Was hoping Bottas would keep it together after his first lockup, but glad Hamilton and him stayed out of trouble the next corner. Unfortunately met Leclerc's tire.

How about Sainz yea?!

Toro Rosso crew was not entertained with Albon and Kvyat's battle.

Oh and I forgot Ferrari was there racing too.
Yep, great mixed strategy and tire battle. Merc nailed it and knew what Max's tires would be like vs. their own, the gap, the number of laps remaining and just did what Merc does; dominate like a well-oiled machine from driver to pitwall. After a ****ty Hockenheim, that was a solid win.

Sainz has come alive this year. I initially felt bad for him because he left the RBR program due to Verstappen being the chosen one, got kicked out of Renault for RIC and then ended up at backmarkers McLaren only for the team to totally turn it around this year and regularly have 2 cars in the points. They have "best of the rest" on lockdown right now.

Renault is in the bottom 5 of the constructor's. Wow

That STR battle was 10/10. Both right on the limit, racing each other as hard as possible without being unfair or touching. That was brilliant. Take note, Haas.

Originally Posted by Indocti Discant View Post
definitely - RBR should have realized that this was a possible threat - especially since HAM was faster than VER at that stage of the race.

Caught napping not just once, but twice - first right after the pitstops where HAM closed the gap from 6s to the failed pass, and then when he pulled into the pits.

Forget Ferr - where the hell was the rest of the pack, it was literally a race between HAM and VER and then everyone else.

BOT had some piss poor luck (and HAM and LEC excellent to suffer no tyre damage) with the two taps he got in the space of 2 corners to end up where he did.

GAS - is just terrible. That is just not acceptable - losing 3 positions off the line can be explained to the medium vs. soft tyre choice, but staying in that position most of the race is pitiful.
BOT definitely had bad luck. To sustain that much damage and lose that much pace from such tiny taps is just bad luck, really. But like Brundle says, "In F1, you make your own luck" and he's been off it ever since the first few races.

Despite racing for one of the top teams in F1, I do feel bad for Gasly. He wasn't ready to be promoted but RIC jumped ship. Same happened to Kvyat when Vettel left and we saw how he got chewed up and spit out. This is why I don't think anyone should be rushing to get Albon in the car and destroying his career by promoting him before he is ready.

Will Ferrari win a race this year? Ehh, maybe 1, but I don't think they'll get 2. Craziness.

Originally Posted by ChriS2000 View Post
Another great race. Kudos to Verstappen for handling the loss so well. Hopefully we see a lot more close races between these two.
Probably my biggest takeaway was how he handled the tough loss. He's only getting stronger.

Originally Posted by ShadowIMg View Post
Kind of surprised there was no action on the incident with Bottas and LeClerc. LeClerc really seemed like he just randomly drove across almost the whole (fairly wide portion) of track and tagged him and then went back to where he was for no particular reason.

He needs to learn how to pass though. When he has free track, he's got great pace, but as soon as he's behind someone, he goes all Gasly.
Yeah, that replay showed a way more aggressive move and more contact that so many other "race incidents" that are actually investigated by the stewards. I'm not saying it should have been any sort of a penalty, but to not look at such a big collision seemed very odd.

It's a hard track to pass on but BOT definitely gets stuck behind other cars for too long.

Originally Posted by F1EA View Post
Ok so forget everything said about Max...
The guy is a star.

Yeah Lewis ate him up, but even Lewis knows that trick won't stick again.
Yep, Max is a complete beast now that he has matured and cut out the silly overdriving mistakes. I'm not a fan rooting for him, but he's incredible.

Originally Posted by Yoo Shin View Post
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