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Default Singer Subaru defends itself!

Hi Blatant and other Subaru fans!
My name is Aaron Singer and I'm the owner of Singer Subaru! I really don't remember talking to you, but I should probably defend myself and my dealership!!!! By the way, anyone wishing to talk with me directly, feel free to stop by or call: 603-382-7101. I'm EXTREMELY PROUD of our staff and our accomplishments at Singer Subaru---PARTICULARLY in the area of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!!! We all try as hard as we can to be real people talking with customers and exude no attitudes or atmosphere of pressure. If you feel that you experienced that in MY DEALERSHIP, then I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE!!!! That being said, you can't imagine how hard it is to be an auto dealer when the occasional "wise guy" wants to prove how smart or informed he is! Obviously, most customers are nice and are not like that, but when one of those comes in, I'd challenge ANYBODY to walk away with a cool head. In the past year, I personally have had 3 or 4 of those experiences---not bad considering that we see approximately 300 to 500 SALES customers per month and I TRY to meet or talk to as many as I can!!! I hope that you were not one of them, but that we just had a "misunderstanding!" The other difficult position we find ourselves in is when a customer has been "low-balled" by another dealer, or they actually decide to "low-ball" us themselves in order to get what they think must be the availability of a DRAMATICALLY lower price. This is easily the HARDEST CONVERSATION we ever have in auto sales. Over my 25 year career, most of my "spirited disagreements"---(of which I've had VERY FEW!) have been the result of this negotiation technique. I train my entire staff to take the "it's cool, man" approach and not let any aggressive people get to us, and overall we do MUCH BETTER than most dealerships, but, alas, we are all ONLY HUMAN, and can let it get to us occasionally!!!!
Since I bought the dealership almost 3 years ago, We have maintained ONE OF THE HIGHEST CSI SCORES for SUBARU DEALERSHIPS in NEW ENGLAND--in BOTH SALES AND SERVICE!!!! Subaru of America keeps a VERY CLOSE EYE on this, and we have WON THE STELLAR PERFORMER AWARD in BOTH 2004 and 2005 and have it "in the bag" for 2006!!!! As a reality check, ONLY 13 OF THE 65 SUBARU dealerships in NEW ENGLAND won this award last year and WE WERE ONE!!! (Unfortunately, the other Subaru Dealership you mentioned wasn't and isn't (as of today) ANYWHERE CLOSE!!!!!
We also won the Subaru of New England PRESIDENT'S CLUB Award in 2005 for sales EXCELLENCE!!!! If you've been inside the dealership, undoubtedly you've seen some of the awards, plaques and telegrams that Subaru has sent us!!!! We also have DOZENS AND DOZENS of Customer letters and testimonials!!!!
Having read some other "threads," I'd like to point out that I have FREQUENTLY gone to bat for my good customers and gotten "gray area" warranty claims handled. This is something that only a handful of dealers even ATTEMPT, but I am VERY GOOD at this!!! That being said, I can't get blatantly bad claims through, and certainly one of the most difficult situations in SUBARU WORLD (all over the country) is the damage to what otherwise would have been warranty parts as caused by AFTERMARKET MODIFICATIONS!!! (particulary to WRX's and STI's!) I'm bringing this up, because we at SINGER SUBARU are very proud of our record of helping customers determine the difference between acceptable mod's and those that run the risk of VOIDING YOUR WARRANTY! If you or any of your fellow NASIOC members would like help with this, we would be HAPPY TO HELP!!! The key to getting the manufacturer (any manufacturer) to pay "gray area" warranty claims is to have complete service records (preferably done at the selling dealer) and have only acceptable mods on your car. You would truly be SHOCKED if you knew what I could get done with this in hand!!!!
Sorry for rambling so much, but I'm obviously VERY PROUD of SINGER SUBARU!!!!!
I can't imagine what could have happened when you came in to buy FLOOR MATS?!?!?!?!? I'd really like to know, but I guarantee to you and all those reading this that SINGER SUBARU has one of the friendliest CUSTOMER ENVIRONMENTS on the PLANET!!!! If ANYONE has HARD EVIDENCE to the CONTRARY, then I PLEDGE TO CHANGE THE PROBLEM NOW!!!!!!
Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for the privilege of talking in this forum.

Aaron M. Singer
Singer Subaru
Plaistow, NH
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