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Default Engine Rebuild (Jumped Timing) - Advice Needed from DIY'ers

Greetings -

I typed out a long post, but it seemed to vaporize so forgive me if this is a double -

Purchased a new '05 WRX and it was one of the best cars I've ever owned. It became so much a part of the family that I had it rebuilt when it spun a bearing at 185k (about 25k and 2.5 yrs ago) - not logical, but we are emotional about cars around here.

Sadly, it appears it jumped timing. Shop that did the rebuild is out of business so I towed to a local for a diagnosis. They tried to re-time as a hail mary, but no compression on one cylinder. No apparent intermix, car will start, no CELs. Dang shame.

So here we are. When I rebuilt, we upgraded internals (racing rings, forged pistons, Killer B, etc). I do not need the car, but I want the car. However, I am not paying $5k - $10k for another total rebuild. So I was thinking maybe, just MAYBE I can tackle this myself.

I am an experienced shadetree, but have never done anything like this. What I have going for me:
  • Space - a separate garage that would be dedicated to this project.
  • Time, patience and income - I'm in no particular hurry, and yeah I'm an old guy so a lengthy project doesn't worry me - gets done when its done. I am also blessed to be able to throw some $ at needed parts.
  • Tools - pretty good assortment accumulated over a lifetime of wrenching. I also have access to an engine hoist and stand if needed.
  • Youtube

But there are limitations. I had the following questions/request some input on the following from those that have more rebuild experience than me:
  • What else is likely to be damaged from the typical jumped timing event? I am pretty sure I can remove heads and get through a valve job, but would there be damage to the head and pistons or block that would have to be addressed? I am pretty sure everything was re-bored to accept slightly larger pistons during the rebuild. This is likely make or break for me - I wouldn't even know what would be involved in machining a previously machined engine again.
  • What about the heads? Would I have to send out for cleaning, etc. prior to re-assembly? Any issues with the pistons or block?
  • Anything else in there that is probably toast? Parts don't necessarily scare me, its sending items out for rebuilding/machining that has me concerned. That said, it would be a shame if all the parts we put into it are now toast.
  • Has anyone addressed this with engine in? I don't see how this is possible TBH but figured I would ask.

Thanks in advance for any input/advice - if successful, this cars future would be as a toy, not a DD. Just trying to see if I can keep her goin'
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