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2013 - Collecting parts, Generating a build plan

Well 2013 was going to be broken into 3 parts:

Suspension completion
Turbo upgrade
Motor Build

This of course didn't go to plan as I got a little side-tracked and started buying things outside of my budget, so the 3 stages were tossed and I just started buying parts and leaving it at that.

GiroDisc Rotor Rings
StopTech Street Performance pads F/R

Well, I was getting tired of the scattered performance of the HP+ pads and my front rotors were starting to show signs of wear so I ordered a new set of Rings along with some StopTech pads to hopefully remove the noise and add some performance.

I went back to Apex for the install and we ran right into a problem, the rings didn't seem to fit. Strange, as the part numbers were correct etc... A quick email to AlphaMotorsports had me on the phone minutes later with Derek who had already contacted GiroDisc to confirm that we should have to correct parts. I took some photos while Jason started to re-assemble my rotors to re-install. Before he had finished the rotor I had already spoken with someone at GiroDisc who had determined that my Hats were an older style (not fully floating) and that I would need new hats to use their current rings (proper floating setup). This was around 2pm... I had a no charge set of new hats on my doorstep the next morning at 10am!!! So back to Apex where Jason squeezed me in for an install.

The StopTech pads are rated for a much higher temp than the HP+ and a much larger range. They actually feel similar to the OEM pads, had decent initial bite and gradually get better with temp. I havent had them go "soft" on me yet and feel is very consistent so I am happy with these as a street pad.

New Rotors


That's Better!

Enkei NT03+M - 17x9.5 et+44 Silver (new - JRP)
Dunlop DirezzaII - 255/40/17 (new - 1010Tires)
Whiteline Roll centre adjustment kit (ball-joints, tie rod ends) - (new - JRP)
Whiteline Adjustable lateral links (new - JRP)
Vorshlag front camber plates (new - Vorshlag)
Perrin end links F/R (new - RallySportDirect)
Fender Rolling (service - Dynamotorsports)
Installation (service - Dynamotorsports)
Alignment (service - ABM Auto Centre)

I decided to buy some new wheels and wanted to go a bit wider while staying at 17". the wheel should be relatively light, very strong, and with a decent offset allowing good width. Although they are certainly not everyones choice, I happen to like the look (don't get me wrong, the lower offset 18" version looks great) of the Enkei NT03+M in the 17x9.5 +44 size. Although the face isnt the popular concave look, I get the benefit of good caliper clearance and being able to be 9.5"w and not poking a huge amount out of the fender. 17" max performance and r-comp tires are much cheaper than 18's as well.

I read everywhere that I would need to mod the rear fenders to clear the wheels/tires but I wanted to avoid cutting the rear metalwork if possible. I don't mind replacing a front quarter if it rusts, but I don't want the possibility of a rear quarter rusting from the inside out. Using the slotted struts, rear camber plates, and adjustable lateral links allow me to "walk" the wheels/tires inboard to keep the tire away from the fender. My guesswork did pay off, and this summer I actually have some lee-way to bring the rear wheels back out a little without touching. I have narrowed the rear track width, but, it is still slightly wider than stock. The handling is wonderful like this, and I am super happy with how it turned out.

The car is not "dumped" and can/will probably go a little lower this year, but nothing too low.

The Vorshlag Camber plates added a degree of caster and I now have 6 Deg on the front

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