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Last night I did a little more work in the garage. Spent a couple hours cleaning up the mess I had made. All the boxes of parts were just piled up on my bench and tool chest. I bought 4 more Home Depot totes and packed things away and then cut up all the cardboard boxes for recycling.

While I was doing that I also installed a new bench vice that my brother got me for my upcoming birthday. My old one was from Harbor Freight and the threads completely stripped out. This one is from Amazon. I hope it holds up a little better than the Harbor Freight one.

After that I did a few small things on the car. First I installed and tightened the header bolts. I used the Snap On swivel sockets that my other brother got me for Christmas. The inner two bolts used to be near impossible to tighten properly. A shallow socket wasn't deep enough due to the stud and a deep socket with swivel was too long and hit the header.

I usually ended up trying to snug it down with a stubby open ended wrench. The swivel sockets made it super easy. They're shallow sockets, but they have an indent in the middle that the stud sits into and allows the socket to engage the nut. Totally worth it to have this tool for special instances like this (tranny bolts should also be similar).

While I was under there I also installed the O2 sensor and the EWG. The EWG points straight down and the dump is just a short 90 bend the shoots the vented exhaust straight backwards. This position makes it much easier to access than the normal EWG position on stock location setups.

Then I drilled the strut tower for the oil scavenge pump mounting holes. I used a stepped drill bit and it went through easily. Then I just put in a bolt from the back and used a nut on the engine bay side. The pump includes rubber grommets to dampen vibration.

The last thing I did was to pull the banjo bolt from the OEM turbo oil feed on the back of the head and then cut down a random bolt I had and plugged that hole. I need to buy some more hardware so I can pull oil for the turbo from the front of the head (AVCS) to reduce the length of the oil feed line.
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