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Originally Posted by S2K View Post
It fully agree that battery mileage will be a major factor in the depreciation.

I'm not sure if existing carmakers are willing to change their core design philosophy to a "simpler" pure software approach and longer model cycles (less overall sales volume). For now, I think Tesla can only gain (if they donít run out of cash) as they add models in new segments and increase their production capacity around the world.
I donít think EVís will be longer sales cycles once the large autos offer a decent EV line up. Tesla sales are long because they havenít really added much over the years (minus P series) and at that point, youíre close to $75-100k.

Originally Posted by S2K View Post
Battery costs or lack of range, will be an issue in the none-"luxury" segments.

One element that can cover that some (if batteries can last) is longer-term low TCO, which can make used Teslas compete with none luxury brands.
Hereís the thing, most people are so debt strapped that they canít afford to pay more upfront for overall long term savings. Itís a really ****ty way people go about wanting and buying stuff and not putting money away / investing and holding off on the purchase so that they can put more down.

This also plays into people stretching out their loans to 84 months. Canít wait, needs NOW!!!
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