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Originally Posted by Street_EJ257 View Post
While running rich is not going to blow up your engine, it will result in less power at partial throttle, and wasted gasoline.

I agree with everything you posted except for this.

The bov only opens (or at least is supposed to only open) during throttle lift, and last time I checked, the power output has never mattered here.

Also, how long does it take your valve to relieve pressure? Last time I watched my boost gauge while the valve was opening, it literally was almost instant. Once the pressure is relieved, the valve closes again. If you watch on a wideband, you can see this actually happen. Now, my point is, how much gas are you really wasting by going rich for that 1/4-1/8 of a second? My guess would be almost an unmeasureable amount.

For example, my car with a VTA bov, 80mm KSTech mega maf, 1250cc injectors, evap deleted, tgv's deleted, and E85 was still getting 16-17mpg city and 22-23mpg hwy. On 93oct it was getting about 1-2mpg more on both city and hwy...and last I looked, that was pretty darn close to a stock turbo 2.5L's fuel I can't be wasting THAT much gas.
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