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Default Wheel Bearing Replacement - Guru's guide w/pics

So what was supposed to be a nice beautiful Saturday to go driving turned into a get under the Subbie and bust out the tools to wrench day. For the last month what I thought was maybe tire wear causing some road noise turned out to be a bearing going bad. It was confirmed yesterday when I took a slow turn and heard a knocking, popping, something’s just not right type sound. Not bad for 90k miles on the car with LOTS of track days. So after much research and reading I decided to tackle the job. Before you start these are a few things you MUST HAVE or at least have access to (to get an idea or picture hit up

1. Ball joint / tie rod separator.
2. A nice press.
3. Bearing separator.
4. Bearing & seal drivers (really large sockets will work as well)

Alot of good info was found here on NABISCO but none of the threads had pictures nor pointed out some of the troublesome things I ran into. The Subbie manual (The PDF version I have) makes things kinda complex. After starting on the left side of the vehicle the following illustrations and photos show the order of sequence I did the right side with which seemed to go really smooth after having first done the left. Please use this thread to assist you and not necessarily as a guideline. The threads I searched and found assisted me quite a bit and hope this adds to them. If you've done this and maybe did it in a different order or with some easier steps please feel free to provide some feedback.



1. Well once you figure out you're going to need to replace the bearings it's best to do them as a set. Actually it should be the only way. You'll need to get the bearings, outer seal, inner seals, snap rings and metal bands for CV Boots.

2. To start like stated in the pic, you'll have to get the 1 1/4 axle nut loose. Easiest to break it loose with tires on the ground, if you can't have someone hold the brakes.

3. Remove all the standard brake items, caliper, pads, and caliper bracket. You'll need a 12mm, 14mm and a 17mm.

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