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Originally Posted by SOA Blog View Post
It's a choice - make an Outback or make a Tribeca and we need all the Outbacks we can make. Thanks to all those who bought a new Subie last month.
I know that.

But it should be impetus to look into expanded production.

And it should not be viewed out of context as necessarily a failure of Tribeca as a vehicle, but as a failure of it's inventory level.

Just as I have contended that Legacy wagon was not a failure as a vehicle, it's inventory level starved it, and CAFE regs made it all the more appealing to push Outbacks, instead, anyway.

Statistics (Tribeca sales numbers) don't tell the whole story. WHY those numbers are so low, is important, too.

And the WHY is low inventory, because SOA chooses to build Outbacks instead. Not a value judgement, just a fact.

And frankly, Outback and Tribeca 5-passenger are not that far apart anymore. Just that Tribeca is better looking inside and out, for that type of vehicle. (And the Tribeca uses a more widely standard wheel bolt pattern...) The specs other than appearance are pretty darn close.
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