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This is just my 2 cents....Both cars have good qualities and bad ones. AWD vs. front wheel(which is better you deside..yea i know everyones going to say AWD but not always true in all cases). V-TEC vs non(which is better you deside..yea i know everyones going to say V-Tec kicks ass but what about low end-off the line.)

From my experience off the line theres no way a GTS will keep up. I've raced 2 and they didn't kcatch up until like 80 maybe its the drivers but i knwo i launch my car like theres no tommorrow.

Reliablility well haha sorry guys i have to go with the toyota. Especialy with our trannys and 2nd gear. But thats why you spend 3 grand and get dawg gears DUH hehe.

overall funness i've never actually drivin a GTS hard. All i know is that my friend has a GSR and my other one has a Z3 and funness i have to go with the AWD subaru even though yes that is bias but hey you have to be with your own car right.

Basically if you like your own car good i will always say my cars better than your and i will never try to convience you that your car isn't as good.

If you like your car good and thats all that matters. Sorry for the long post.
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