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Originally Posted by blacksubieee View Post
I just bought an 05 sti about a month ago and i didnt drive it long enough on the test drive to get the issue i'm getting. After driving the car for about 20 minutes, when i go to make a low speed turn i feel a constant thump coming from what i thought was the rear diff. This is with the DCCD in auto. If i put it in manual and the least bit into the orange the problem gets much worse to almost where the whole car shakesn and wants to die when i'm making a turn. I've heard that the DCCD can make noise adn be a little rough but according to other Subaru people i know with STi's, they say theirs never does this. So i'm realy stumped here as to if it the center diff or the rear diff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I deff got screwed by the deale ri bought it from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

axle pulled outta the rear diff???
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