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Default Calling All EJ257 Owners! HELP!!!!

I'm going to try and keep this short, I'm not looking to be lectured or to be told everything else that could be wrong, I'm just trying to figure out why for the time being; here we go.

Car is a 2006 sti, 580 miles ago had a full rebuild with forged components and hardware. This includes pistons, rods, head studs, master gasket kit, full valve job, timing belt, water pump, and all other items you do with a rebuild.

Today I hopped in the car, let is idle for :45-1 minute, then started on my way.

30 seconds later I hopped onto the main road, went 1st, 2nd, and shifted into 3rd at 4500ish, shifted into 4th and the car died upon going into gear, I coasted to the side of the road, tried to restart and it just cranked.

checked fuel, spark, and ECU, all good.

Pulled the timing cover off to find my driver side intake cam has slipped 180 degrees out!

removed the belt, checked all the idlers, checked the tensioner, checked all the cams, and of course rotated everything by hand.

I have to be missing something right? I used an AISIN kit purchased from Amazon sold and shipped by Amazon, tensioner piston is not wet, no bearings are broken, and all gears have all sprockets intact.

Can anyone shed any light on what could have possibly happened here?

And for those of you wondering, I put the motor back into time, with the old belt and tensioner and it fired up, it turned over and idled without any concern I could hear. I will be doing a leak down test to see if there's anything that was hurt; but I'm just trying to get to the bottom of what happened right now.
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