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Default Currect project Auto to manual bugeye to blobeye

Hey everyone, New to this website and I'm looking for some forums about my currect topic which is Auto to manual conversion ANNNND before you say just buy a manual and forgot the swap read my post and you'll understand why that's not a cost effective route, I already have 2 cars for this project.

Quick note, when I start this project and have the information I need ill be making a separate thread. Super excited to show how much it changes!

So I have my 2nd WRX an automatic 03 World Rally Blue bugeye I traded a truck I bought for $1700, so yes I bought my WRX for $1700 since I was flipping cars to get it however the car does have some flaws. The motor was swapped with a crate motor which the owner claimed it has 30k miles, who knows if that's true tho and there's a Vacuum leak but I don't think its that, I think its a IACV issue since the idle is bouncing.

Donor car is a manual blobeye 05 wrx with 210k miles (clutch is out) and the motor will need a rebuild so I'll just take it apart and use what I need and sell the rest possibly keep the block and build it to swap later.

So I ask from you members of NASIOC to post a link for me about the conversion with as much detail as possible. I will be swapping the transmission and the front end. I know kinda what I need to do but I don't want to skip a step and dropping the transmission, swapping pedals and the gear ratio is just something I haven't come across myself. I've done research but someone that's done it already with a guide would help. Ive read some conflicting arguments but I can't seem to find a guide that someone has actually done this since everyone just says to sell it and buy another.
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