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Originally Posted by kero View Post
^^ putting 93 in might be a waste of money but if you read my post #7, the 93 octane rids my car of the pining or knocking or whatever it's called.

When the engine is under load like with A/C, the 93 actually makes an even bigger difference in ridding that noise.

I wonder if something is amiss with my wagon? 35K miles, 30K done by local suby buddy who works for a suby service dept.
Yes, something is wrong with your car. When I read your comment the first time I missed that your car was a newer model. If it's actually knocking and pinging then the knock sensor isn't doing its job. Normally a dead knock sensor would pretty much put the ECU in limp mode, pulling a lot of timing to keep the engine "safe", so the fact that you're not getting a CEL and not seeing horrible performance indicates that something is definitely not right.

Originally Posted by Steckers View Post
The only differences are the post-production additives (i.e. Techron, etc) that are designed to burn cleaner. So basically the need to spend "x" for "y" gas is purely marketing
Except for the post-production additives, which I'm pretty sure is what this thread is about.
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