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Although I read NASIOC frequently, I don't normally post, maybe every once and a while, and then it usually has to be for something serious. (Ok, there was the making fun of Rick, but that doesn't count.) You can read it for what its worth, discard it if you like. But humor a member with a member id 50,000 less than yours for a min.

I had a 2002 WRX that I plowed a lot of money into. It had the majority of the goodies. I had a lot of fun building it - I was one of the first to put a 2.5L STi block into a WRX, and that was a fun experiment, especially since at the time there was a lot of misinformation about wether or not it even could be done. By the time the car was over, it was fast. I loved the car, loved everything about it. But I built it too quickly, and didn't enjoy the process, and so even though the car was "mine", I really didn't have affinity towards it. I had a buddy out of state that offered me a good amount for it, so I sold it.

Afterwards, I thought I was "over" Subarus and AWD cars. I went through an array of cars. I got fast hondas, NA and Turboed, among other things.

I even got an M3. I think the best thing I ever did was buy an M3. It taught me how to drive, how to really appreciate the sensation of the driving experience. It also had a byproduct. I hated how "nice" everything was. I know this will sound funny to you all, but I disliked the quietness, everything being too tight, and not being able to audibly nor through feeling the road since everything had been pacified. There wasn't the rattle and flex of my Subaru. There wasn't the speed or the handling. I could feel the road better in my Subaru. I realized driving my M3, one of the "car of cars", that a Subaru was more fun for me to drive. And I wanted to drive one again.

I sold the M3 and bought another Subaru, and here I am again modding. But this time it's different. This time I appreciate all the parts. This time I have affinity towards the car. This time I've learned from my mistakes. This time I've used the mantra "earn the part". In other words, the part doesn't go on until I've earned it - either by me being a good enough driver to justify it, or I can justify why that new part needs to be there over the stock one for good reason. This has really helped. It makes the modding a little slower, but more worth it in the end.

I guess my advice for you is you will eventually learn how awesome a machine you own is. You will figure it out by keeping it, finguring out, and enjoying it, or by selling it off, and knowing after the fact. Sometimes in life you have to do it the hard way to really "feel" it. Sometimes you don't. But I think when the day is over you'll know how special the car is no matter what route you go from here. The rest is up to you.

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