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Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
I hate to sound cliché, but if it's so easy, why doesn't one exist? We gave it a shot, and I'd like to think we've got some decent knowledge with these engines, turbos, and the science behind the exhaust system.
Because companies know it's a small niche for now and if they can continue to sell the generic setups that sound good no matter what, they aren't going to do any further development. They know most people will just deal with the annoying sound and attribute it to characteristics of whatever part or setup. While your header design is top of the chain, I'm not sure you've put the same effort into exhaust design that you did into that work of art of a header.

Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
It's hard not to beat the very inefficient OEM manifold. I saw one made from galvanized tube with bubble gum welds perform better than OEM. My point being, if you're shooting for better than OEM, it's not hard to do.
Exactly, and that is why the exhausts are so easy to make for the majority of subarus...with uel. Doesn't take magic for those to sound great.

Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
We on the other hand we shooting for the fence, and I think we can confidently say our header is the highest power producing header you can get for a Subaru; based on shop independent and customers doing their own testing and comparisons. Our customers are not the budget minded, but those looking for no compromise quality and performance.
It is the best, dispute here. I'm proud and confident running it and wouldn't run any other.

Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
Absolutely. If you make a pile of poo sound good, people would buy it... because it's good poo, it's what the internet said
Exactly, and by the time all of the poo sounds leave one of those generic poorly designed aftermarket headers and get filtered through all of the poo traps, you forget about how crappy the header is.

Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
Special order? We order them just like the older Gen I
I meant special as in the GEN2 not being in the drop down menu / price choices on the site, not special as in a huge deal for you to get.

Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
This gasket was used on the first 5 or so kits IIRC. It was CGM and lasted... well I've never seen one needing to be replaced and they are reusable. Fortunately, we made some subtle tweaks so no gasket is necessary.
Excellent, sign me up Chris.

Here is what my build consists of, and I need good information on how to achieve 500whp and almost as much in torque. The turbo is now the only option for me to decide on with your complete package. I am considering the GEN2 3576r, but what could I do with that "special" 3067r (GEN2?) The car will be driven several days a week to work and sometimes on trips. It is not a drag car, has more than oem options and will even have my adcom and image dynamics equipment back in eventually.

Around where are the limits of the 3067, with 93 pump fuel and e85? This will be tuned on a Dyno Dynamics dyno, not a dynojet.

I plan to upgrade the turbo, clutch, and axles eventually for some seriousness but still would like to make some hot power in this phase.

My longblock was done by Ken Carlson at Larry's:

-AEBS sleeved and stainless o-ringed
-ARP 14mm head studs
-ARP case bolts
-Manley 8.5:1 pistons
-Manley I beam turbo tough rods
-Manley upgraded wrist pins
-OEM Nitrided crank
-Pinned mains
-Oiling mods to block
-11mm oem oil pump

-ej205 heads cnc'ed for 2.5 bore
-All ports cnc ported with Ken's program
-+1mm GSC valves and beehive springs
-GSC "stage 2" cams (no avcs)

ECU and peripherals:

-Haltech elite 2500
-Haltech alcohol sensor for E fuels
-Deatschwerks DW300 pump in main fuel tank
-Nuke 3l surge tank with DW400 pump
-2000cc Injector Development injectors
-IAG top feed rails with generic pulse dampers
-Karboy lw crank pulley
-ACT street HD clutch (515ftlbs) and streetlite flywheel
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