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Default 2017 WRX Base Clutch Master Cylinder Failur

Name: Abe

Make: '17 WRX

Mileage: 49k

Time Out Of Use: 10 days and counting

Problem And Likely Cause: Clutch pedal went to the floor while driving and stayed there; Maple Hill Subaru says it's the clutch master cylinder but I haven't been able to get anyone to tell me whether or not the part failed or if it was something the previous owner or myself may have done.

Modifications: Coilovers, previous owner installed

Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No): Yes

Reason Given For Denial: The shop did not indicate that the part was defective, so SoA denied the warranty claim. No reason for the part failing has been given to me yet.

Your Story: I bought the vehicle about a month ago with 48k miles on it, decently clean with all the service history at a Subie dealer. Love the car, coming off of an 05 Saabaru. Been babying it trying to get the most mpg's possible, currently seeing 30+mpg dailying it to work. LOVE the car, hate the sound system. Anyway...

I leave work on a Friday, stop at a light, get the car into 1st no problem, second I notice a faint click but dismiss it as I assume it was my foot hitting something. Go into third, definitely a noticeable click. I go to shift into 4th and the pedal sticks to the floor. I pull off into the middle lane, wait two hours for a tow because Friday, and drop the car to Maple Hill at around 5pm. I call back Monday to see if they scheduled the inspection, get told I'll get a call back Tuesday with the info. Get the call Wednesday afternoon, clutch master cylinder failed, won't warranty because over 36k miles, tell them to sit on it til I hear from Subaru of America. I get a call back from Subaru telling me the car is over 36k miles, so sorry, I tell them I thought defective parts were covered. Peter at Subaru of America tells me no, they only cover defective parts within the 36k mile warranty. Doesn't seem right to me, but OK, let's have a supervisor call me so I can make sure. I speak with Virgil(not a pleasant experience), and he eventually informs me that if the part were defective, SoA would cover it, but since the dealer didn't indicate that the part was defective, they wouldn't be doing anything for me. I ask what the dealer said caused the part failure, Virgil informs me that they did not provide any information as to the nature of the failure. I ask him to inquire with the dealer as to why the part failed, he says he'll ask them to reach out to me. I am still waiting to hear back from Maple Hill at this time, and I expect that I'll be paying for this out of pocket.
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