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Originally Posted by Kostamojen View Post
Don't start on the whole 2 seat roadster sportscar definition BS...

The point was automakers are cutting down on "enthusiast" cars in the adorable segment. Ford eliminated ALL of them outside the Mustang. Chevy did the same awhile ago with eliminating Pontiac and the SS sedan and all of Holden. Nissan has gone to generic car hell taking Infiniti with it. Mazda has the Miata still but the ND price has balooned and no signs of anything Mazdaspeed in the works. Honda luckily brought the CTR but the S2000 has been gone for awhile and Acura has garbage outside the crazy priced NSX.

The enthusiast market is for the rich now.
I’m not narrowing it down to “two seats” as can be seen in my example and I don’t think it’s becoming only for the rich. Yes, there are less options in the $30k-$40k range. Focus and first st/rs are done, at least for now. The legacy GT died once the body size blew up and no one wanted it. The Baja, well, that car was just a pile and not sure I could call it an enthusiast car. People complain about losing certain cars from the market yet had no intention of buying them. There are still plenty of offerings, many of which people write off yet have never even driven them because of preconceived ideas.
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