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Originally Posted by EVT_Dan View Post
Redbull did everything they could to save GRC from it's own mismanagement.
SOA really doesn't have anything to do with selling STI parts or not.
I'd venture to say it's SOJ who are missing the mark in a big way there...

What form of racing would Subaru have to compete in to keep the 35yo $100k people happy ?
In terms of the STi parts, yes, it's been like that since SOA began offering STi parts. In a meeting I attended many years ago where an SOA project engineer was present, he stated the hoops needed to jump through to get Subaru and STi to allow parts to be sold over here. But, they did, and there was a nice selection for a while. Now there is not, yet guys are still buying STi parts in the states from overseas all the time. I'm sure it would not equate to millions of dollars in sales, but they are Subaru sales nonetheless and SOA is getting nothing for it. How to portray that to Subaru of Japan is up so SOA personnel.

As for the racing. In the US? Look around. David Higgins has 52k followers, yet Sally McNulty has a very respectful 32k followers with her Time Attack STi. IAG and Prime Motoring both make a living at selling things to Subaru owners have around 25k followers each and Cobb's customer base, which has a very large Subaru portion, has 133k followers. In this case, using social media to find out who these Subaru people are, what they like, what they watch on TV(or youtube), can be used to SOA's advantage. Talk to these companies to get their impression of Subaru owners spending thousands and thousands of dollars on their cars...just for fun.

In addition, target every person that bought a new WRX in the last 5 years. Find out what they are watching, reading, etc. You might be surprised and find that 83% of all new WRX owners watch college football, but not rallycross. Having been a new Subaru buyer numerous times, I can say there is little follow-up on to why I purchased the cars that I did from SOA.

Maybe SOA doesn't need to race on a high profile level at all. Maybe just being involved in the Subaru community would go a very long way. Subaru of Japan seems to do quite well with their "Fan Meetings" that they hold. "WRX/STi Appreciation Day" right at SOA for anyone that purchased a new WRX in the past year, maybe.

I'm not saying I have the answers, I'm just saying that spending millions of dollars on race cars in a country where professional racing(besides nascar) is not immensely popular might not be the best long-term investment(for an actual automobile company).

Considering how small WRX/STi sales are compared to overall Subaru sales in the US, I was always(and remain) surprised that SOA spends as much as they do on motorsports in this country.
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