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Default Loss of Compression / Poor Leakdown (Cyl 4 & 3)

2010 Subaru Impreza 2.5GT (Stage 2+), 150k miles

Please note I'm a college student without the necessary tools to replace my own components ATM but have replaced my intake/exhaust/brakes/headlights/bumper previously.

So a couple weeks back I noticed my temperature gauge was going slightly higher than normal (~2/3 way up) and upon opening up the engine bay I noticed a crack in the radiator. Sucks, whatever, bring it to Firestone for radiator replacement. They replace the radiator but it took almost a week because they originally ordered the wrong radiator. To me, it wasn't a huge deal because I didn't need the car at the time.

Two days later my car overheats (past the H) after travelling home for a weekend. Naturally I pull over at a gas station and let the car cool down. Steam is pouring from the engine bay at this time. After it cools, I check the coolant level in the radiator and find there is NONE. Keep in mind this is 10pm and luckily the gas station is still open and had some universal coolant for me to use. After filling up the radiator the car cooled down back to the halfway mark and I drove home without it overheating again.

Of course, I bring it back to Firestone to complain and talk about what happened. They believe the technician didn't properly burp the system after replacing the radiator and caused a coolant leak which led to the overheating. At this time they also performed a CO test on the coolant and found no CO in the system. This led me to believe it was entirely the technician's fault, given there is no coolant in the oil, no oil in the coolant, and no CO in the coolant system either. Naturally, I complain to corporate and the next day receive a call from the regional manager to come back and was offered a free oil change ( I opted not to do this since I just had my oil changed ) or "comprehensive vehicle check". I opted for the "comprehensive vehicle check" and specifically requested a compression / leak down test and scheduled the appointment.

Today, I bring the car in and receive the following values (Mind you it took 4hrs for these numbers):

Cyl 1: 140PSI (3% leak)
Cyl 2: 129PSI (13% leak)
Cyl 3: 140PSI (3% leak)
Cyl 4: 117PSI (16-17% leak)

Manager then proceeds to suggest the replacement of head gaskets in the near future. I suggest the poor numbers could have happened because of the overheating as a result of improper burping of the system. Manager suggests "wear and tear, and engine is 150k" then proceeds to ask how long I've owned the car (75k miles) and further proceeds to try to put the blame on me by suggesting I let the car overheat prior to bringing it to them originally (False) and "didn't let them check the health of the engine" (also FALSE). Manager proceeds to give a quote on the head gasket replacement. (~$3k) Manager then also proceeds to explain he is not as technically inclined as the technician who performed the compression/leakdown test on my car and wouldn't suggest it was even remotely possible that the heads warped because the car overheated as a result of their negligence.

They also never did the "comprehensive check" the regional manager suggested they would do and only performed the compression/leakdown test (4HRS!).

At this point, I'm thoroughly disgusted with firestone and unsure as to what to do. I'm also rather pissed my drivers side has low compression, likely as a result of their negligence.

Contemplating calling corporate again to discuss damage reparations.

Thoughts as to how to proceed?
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