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Thanks for all the information guys! Late response due to holiday break and us going out to have fun instead. Found the three issues (two of em ended up fixing the idle and driveability of the car, details below). Also, after that day I made the post and checking out the car during the day, we noticed that the engine may have been replaced at one point prior to my friend purchasing the car and might explain why certain things are in proper places/missing.

1st issue was that the VCD ground wire (passenger side engine bay) was not properly grounding. It was suggested to try extending the different grounds to see if it temporary fixes the start up issues and turns out it was the VCD ground wire (unable to fit it with the ohmmeter due to size of the tester tips). Hooked up a 10 awg from the vcd ground (after testing others) to the battery and the car started and was idling fine consistently but once it started driving, short time later issue came back with it bogging and dying. I think he fixed the issue by cleaning up the grounding wire as well as the chassis to where it grounded.

2nd issue was the main harness (08-14 wrx/sti known for that bad ground in the main harness right before the plug that goes into the firewall). We decided to solder the hell of out those ground wires there just to see what happens and it ended up fixing the random bogging/stalls. Went for a 30 minute test drive and the issue has not came back yet. We will do a longer test when we have the time and the weather is not bad (raining like crazy at the moment and bad alignment due to switching back to oem coils).

3rd issue is that we are experiencing c0047, c0054, and c0057 (did not have any other codes nor the U1221 mentioned prior). Had a friend at subaru to try to clear the codes with ssm but it still comes back/does not erase. So far it has not affected driveability (based on our 30 min drive). Might just be abs sensors being dirty/bad based off of what we read before (and it's possible that it may have been damage due to the different panels of damage the car has).
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