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Originally Posted by JarHarms View Post
He is correct. Our cars are turbocharged so ignore the naturally aspirated points. Since we're turbocharged our regulators are 1:1 rising; meaning that as charge pressure (boost) increases the regulator will raise the fuel pressure the same amount. If your base fuel pressure is set to 43.5psi(g) static then you have 43.5 psi(g) when you are off boost. However at 24psi(g) of will have 43.5+24=67.5psi(g) of fuel pressure. Radium wants to you calculate fuel pressures so you choose which FPD has a range that fits your use. On our cars the hose will provide both vac and boost signals.
If the hose was not connected then these would operate like typical factory FPDs; providing dampening until the fuel pressure bottoms out the FPD spring/diaphram then zero dampening.

What FPDs did you go with the FPD-R or FPD-XR? Nevermind I see FPD-R in your other post now.
Are you planning to set static fuel pressure different than oem?
What is your peak boost target?

I ended up building my own bracket out of leftover material. Mine mounts in same location but different orientation. This orientation was sort of determined by the way I routed my fuel hoses in series.

Theirs is an interesting bracket concept, but $30 is a bit steep for a simple slotting L bracket with a name printed on it. I would be curious how it fits in there once you get the oem hardlines out. I will comment that this location in general makes for a PITA getting to the intake manifold/tgv bolts. Moving the regulator is required in this case.

Yes, please let me know the build link. Good luck on your project.
I would liek to know more about this mounting arrangement and how it works out. I like the tucked out of the way location. Are you using Radium's under chassis fuel hose brackets or are you connecting to the oem hardlines in the engine bay? I am guessing oem hardlines since the filter outlet is pointed rearwards...I also installed a iWire Fuel Pump Controller.

Hmm...yellow CV boot clamp. Is that an oem Subaru axle?
-I See what your saying about the FPD's. I did not factor in the fact of being Turbo vs NA. I planing on running (46 pSi Fuel pressure at idle with Boost line detached.)(25 pSI Total Boost.) So obviously My FPD's Need to be hooked up. My plan is to Tee tap the BoV hoose for a connection to my FPR. Then use the stock FPR boost line coming off the manifold to connect the FPD's. This is what radium suggested.

<As for my Fuel Filter Im using the stock Fuel hard lines for now but I will be adding Radiums new AN fuel line Set up From the Pump. Im using the Radium FP Hanger But only a single AEM E85 340LPH FP and them COBBs 1050X Fuel Injectors. and the DElICIOUS Tunings FLEX-FUEL Kit. So, Running my Fuel Lines from the fire wall Fuel Feed Line with -8an to the Fuel filter -8an to the DELICIOUS Tuning E85 Sensor and then -6an to Fuel Line Routing in Series

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