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The 3M clear bra can also be applied to the side mirrors too - very nice as these are prone to rock chips too. The bumper is not as susceptible as it is a more flexible material and will resist the chips better. As the others have said . . . don't use the black vinyl bras. Even the good ones with the felt backing will damage the clearcoat on the car. Dirt and stones will get between the felt and the clearcoat (yes, even if you take it off and wash it a lot)and it just acts like an adbrasive and takes off the finish. I know as I had them on my 85 Subaru GL and my 88 Mustang GT - big mistake. My recommendations:

1. 3M Clear Bra
2. Subaru or aftermarker plexiglass hood protector (the drill-less type).
3. No Bra
4. Dolly's Bra (LOL!)
5. Vinyl Bra (don't do it!)

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