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Originally Posted by invaderzim View Post
I bought my 2011 wrx new and drove it stock for maybe a month. Got a cobb SRI and flashed stage 1+sf on it, ran that for about 6 months or so. I then installed a catless downpipe and ran an open source tune for about 6 more months. Eventually I switched to the cobb stage 2+sf map which seemed to run a bit smoother in my opinion. Installed a process west top mount intercooler and ran the same stage 2 map for a little while. I was getting some overboost so I went with a grimmspeed up-pipe with the external wastegate, added some colder plugs, 1000cc ID injectors, fuel pump, grimmspeed BCS and a protune. It made 293/310 and it was pretty fun for a daily driver. At about 25,000 miles I started noticing some blue smoke on cold starts and figured it was oil blowby (which it was) and cleaned the intercooler, intercooler pipes, bpv, and some of the throttle body of oil residue. The smoke was gone for a little while but eventually started making it's way back. A/F was getting a bit quirky earlier this year and I knew in my mind that one of the piston rings was letting go.

Sure enough the piston ring was toast in cylinder #4 I believe and basically I went with a whole new motor/turbo setup. I had fun with the car while on the stock motor but didn't really seriously beat on the car too much. I don't know if it was one of the 4 maps that I had used or maybe just mechanical but it definitely should have lasted a bit longer. I had planned on building the motor and looking for more power anyway but it just happened to come sooner than I had hoped. Thousands of dollars later I'm back in the car making a healthy 381whp/389wtq on a blouch 3.0 with a pretty safe tune and loving it.
i hate hearing stories about this. especially since im at about 65k miles now with 35k at stage 2 with similar mods. makes me think that im driving a ticking time bomb
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