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Originally Posted by JustyWRC View Post
I told you my source. I can't share it, cause I didn't record the conference call. And when have I been wrong about something I said about Subaru?

What does Gunma vs Yajima have to do with it? Which one makes the USDM cars maybe?

Just cause YOU don't believe it doesn't make it not true. They said that Forester production was being cut for Crosstrek. The following months saw a decline in Forester inventory. If they didn't cut production, then there would be a "normal" inventory level of Foresters and not a declining one while Crosstrek sales increase and inventory levels stay more than Forester. Forester sells faster than Crosstrek? They sold nearly 20,000 earlier in the year. Since the Crosstrek 2.5 came out, sales and, as you say, inventory started slipping until last month where Crosstrek beat Forester and Forester apparently has half the inventory? Seems pretty straight forward.

And you are still challenging with just your own conjecture and "it doesn't make sense" when this site constantly complains how Subaru does things they don't think make sense.

Please. Answer my question before. Why do you think Forester inventory has slipped and sales fallen while Crosstrek inventory has increased AND sales increased?
Wait, which month was this?
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