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Are you sure youíre using 93 octane?
How are your driving habits?
Are you driving up hill?
If youre stage 1: do you have an aftermarket intake that matches with the part on the cobb
Are you stage 1 with just an aftermarket exhaust and no intake delete.

I used to use chevron but for some reason my DAMís will drop on that whole tank of chevron, when i switched to shell or even costco gas, my DAMís never drop.

As of right now im stage 2 with an ETS catted j pipe, single exit invidia exhaust and stock intake.

If you have a catless j pipe your DAMís will drop cause well we dont have external wastegates to let the air recirculate out to the atmosphere.

Catless j pipe = money pit = KillerB EWG headers recommended = 1600-2000 headers.

To see DAMís rise again simply cruise and dont drive like a child, these engines are very sensitive especially since youre not PROTUNED, if you want to drive like that, you have to get off the OTS map and get your car tuned tuned and save your investment.
Keep the RPMís around 2500-3000 you will have to be on a freeway and just cruise it out until your DAMís are back up.

GAS is important. Ive tested this 2-3 times already. Same results, like i said before chevron always drops my DAMís so reasons why i use shell
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